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MOS Success

"Learning the material helped my confidence."

Diane lost her job as the administrative and personal assistant to the president of a general contracting firm when she enrolled in the PRC’s Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification classes. She needed to upgrade her skills in Excel and PowerPoint, even though she had previously completed the PRC’s 7-week classes in both Excel and PowerPoint. She had the time to commit to the concentrated certification training program.

At that time, PRC was offering Certification in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Diane passed all four.

“Learning the material in the classes really helped my confidence after losing my job,” she said. “The classes gave me structure and purpose as well as a community of classmates while I was unemployed.”

“Unemployment can be isolating and without structure. The classes got me out of the house and I received support from my teachers and classmates.”

As she began interviewing, she was very proud of the certifications listed on her resume. Employers were impressed too.

After passing the classes, she found a job at a management company doing administrative work. 

“My newly learned Excel skills helped me set up a formula driven way to do calculations for one of my reports.”  She was also assigned to do “anything that required Word skills.”

Though now she is retired – and has time to pursue her passion, tap dancing – she is grateful to have had a chance to participate in the classes.

“This program not only gave me something to do while unemployed, but enhanced my skills and confidence making me more marketable.

“I hope they continue for others.”