Meeting our Community's Needs - Neighbor to Neighbor

Mathew Williamson

“I was [getting money] turning in scrap metal. I was doing that to eat.”

A few years ago, Mathew Williamson was a client at People’s Resource Center. “I was a mover for over 16 years, but when the industry slowed down, I lost my job,” he said.

“I was [getting money] turning in scrap metal.  I was doing that to eat.”

Through his neighbors in the community, Mathew was introduced to PRC. “I couldn’t pay my bills or rent, so I came to PRC for food,” he recalled.  “I was so embarrassed to be there. It was tough, because I felt like I was less of a person than other people.”

Today, Mathew is the owner of a flourishing electronics recycling business, and one of his clients is PRC. “I call my company Heavenly Angels,” he explained, “because the angels carried me through everything.”

He heard about PRC’s computer program from a volunteer he met in the community. The volunteer referred him to PRC’s Computer Access & IT Director, John Victor, and after a long conversation, Mathew was recycling PRC’s unused or broken computer parts.

Subsequently, when Mathew recovers working computer accessories (i.e. keyboards, screens, hard drives, etc.), he donates them to PRC so that other clients can benefit.  “A lot of companies I work for discard computer items and I donate them to PRC.”

He also picks up non-electronic items from medical supplies to non-perishable food to Christmas lights. “I collect a variety of items, and if people bring me things I can’t recycle, I find a place that can use them,” he said.  “It’s my way of giving back.”

Do you have items to recycle? Call Heavenly Angels at 630-215-8611.