Meeting our Community's Needs - Neighbor to Neighbor

It Was Just One Tooth...

"The family...came to PRC for help when they realized they couldn't make it on their own."

“George” never imagined that a troublesome tooth could lead to a crisis afflicting his whole family.  But that’s exactly what happened when quite unexpectedly he had to undergo open-heart surgery to treat complications linked to an infection that originated with his tooth.  A long recovery period followed the surgery during which time he was unable to work.  George has a wife and three kids, and they struggled to make ends meet from only his wife’s income.   The family fell behind on rent payments and came to PRC for help when they realized they couldn’t make it on their own.  PRC was able to provide financial assistance to help the family catch up on rent payments, and also provided budgeting guidance to help the family adjust to living within much more limited means.  Social Services staff connected the family to a scholarship program at their local YMCA, so George could follow his doctor’s recommendation to start swimming for exercise and strength-building.  His recovery has progressed enough that he has been able to return to work part-time, and the family is now able to make ends meet each month.