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PRC Stories

Ruben Leiva: The Road to Citizenship
“I feel better now that I don't have a travel problem. And I voted in the elections. I'm going to retire next year and I feel good.”

With only a second-grade education, Ruben Leiva, of Batavia, left El Salvador for a better life in the United States. “Life was bad over there,” he explained, “The war was killing a lot of people.” Once here, he added, “My wife got her citizenship in the 1990's and three of my 4 boys had U.S. citizenship too. But I didn't know if I could do it.”

Nagat Ahmed, PRC
I am originally from Egypt. Since moving to the United States, PRC is my second home. - Nagat Ahmed, PRC client

“PRC is my second home.”  

Nagat Ahmed, originally from Egypt, has been coming to People's Resource Center since 2004. During this time, she has become computer literate, improved her English skills, and is currently taking sewing and jewelry...