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PRC Stories

Refurbishing Volunteer Bill Moore

Volunteering at PRC since:



What I do at PRC:

Computer refurbishing and repair.


Favorite PRC memory:
Working with Frank Goetz. He was the person who started the Computer Refurbishing program to lessen the digital divide. He not only was interested in the “big picture,” but also was compassionate to individuals such as myself.


Why I love the...

Hope and Opportunity
“I love [PRC] because you can find people that really help with what you need. And when I come, I see you helping a lot of people the same way you helped me.”

For twelve years, Carlos Cohenete of Glen Ellyn has been a part of the People’s Resource Center community. The soft-spoken 32-year-old came to the US from Mexico in 2001 and in that time he has participated in just about every program PRC offers.


“I left high school in Mexico to come live with my brother,” he said.  Job opportunities were scarce back home. 


Carlos found an entry-level job in a local restaurant and worked hard...

Cuirong Jevne: Passing the GED
“There are so many things I want to learn.”

With the help of PRC, Cuirong Jevne, a 25-year-old Lombard resident who is originally from China, is studying to pass her GED test (high school equivalency).  She’s already passed four of the five subjects – math, science, reading, and social studies – but needs to pass the writing portion of the test to get her GED certificate.

“The math and science were easier to pass, since I studied those subjects in China,” she said. “I also knew Chinese...

Making Ends Meet for a Military Family
Julie and Mike say that they don't know what they would have done without assistance from Family Connections…the help was “a godsend” for them.

The birth of their first child was supposed to be a joyful occasion for “Mike,” a veteran, and his wife, “Julie”.  But while they were awaiting the baby's arrival, Julie was suddenly let go from her job.  They were devastated—the family needed income from Julie's job to get them through the summer because Mike's job is seasonal.  Julie suspected she had been a victim of...

Finding Meaning in Life: Frank Goetz, volunteer & founder of PRC's computer program
I talked to close to a thousand such people. Virtually all - even those doing court appointed community service – wanted to “give back.”

“For most of my life I struggled to raise a family and make a living.  Until I was able to retire – a luxury my father and most of his generation never experienced – I had very little time, energy, and resources to give to others.  All my life my faith told me that I was ignoring the larger human family, and I felt guilty.  Then, almost magically, I found myself with Social...