Meeting our Community's Needs - Neighbor to Neighbor

PRC Stories

Monikea Hatten
"PRC is my family!"

Let me introduce you to Monikea.

When we met Monikea, she and her baby son were homeless.  

She came to People's Resource Center, and thanks to generous donors like you, she received some timely help.  Food, diapers, computer classes, clothing, a job search mentor.

You helped Monikea get her life back on track.  

Monikea was willing to work hard, and thanks to her dedication and some timely help from you, she reached her goals....

LaCrystal Brown
"PRC made my dream come true after 25 years."

"I would like to thank People's Resource Center for providing me with tutoring services over the years. I moved to the area 5 years ago, came to PRC and started out by taking a computer class.

"From there I went on to tutoring and it was great to work with Pam Knight (PRC's former Literacy Coordinator) over the years. I needed help with math. For the last 4 years, I had been one class short of getting my Bachelor Degree in Applied Behavioral Science. My tutor, Paul Baiocchie, was...

It Was Just One Tooth...
"The family...came to PRC for help when they realized they couldn't make it on their own."

“George” never imagined that a troublesome tooth could lead to a crisis afflicting his whole family.  But that’s exactly what happened when quite unexpectedly he had to undergo open-heart surgery to treat complications linked to an infection that originated with his tooth.  A long recovery period followed the surgery during which time he was unable to work.  George has a wife and three kids, and they struggled to make ends meet from only his wife’s...

Seeing PRC through Pam's eyes
"PRC has given me an awareness of people’s struggles and their beauty and goodness."

After a 30-year career with People’s Resource Center, first as a volunteer and then as Literacy Coordinator, Pam Knight retired in June. She shared reflections about her work and her gratitude for the PRC community.

“PRC has given me an awareness of people’s struggles and their beauty and goodness,” she said in her soft-spoken voice.  “It also gave me the opportunity to do what I’ve been meant to do. I can’t imagine what I would have done...

Meet PRC-SE Volunteer Rosalie Mensinga

Volunteering at PRC since:
August 2011


What I do at PRC:
On Tuesdays, I do intake, and on Friday mornings, I restock the shelves in the food pantry. My husband Mike also volunteers on Fridays, too!


Favorite PRC memory:
Meeting all the people of different walks of life is so inspiring, because they touch my life as well. Also, being able to use my second language of Spanish is good...