Meeting our Community's Needs - Neighbor to Neighbor

A New Beginning

Through PRC, Kumba's entire life has been set onto a new path.

Kumba’s story begins on the other side of the globe in Sierra Leone, West Africa in a tiny village where she was born and raised as one of thirteen children.  That village remained peaceful for many years.  Kumba was married and she and her husband had six children of their own. 

Everything changed for Kumba and her family in 1991 when rebels went to the village to take over the land because they thought that there were diamond deposits there.  Much violence occurred and Kumba lost many members of her family.  She was also severely burned and in desperate need of medical care.  Thanks to relief workers, Kumba was able to come to DuPage County as a refugee.

In 2009, Kumba arrived in DuPage County and immediately began her connection to People’s Resource Center.  In fact, her son had been here since 2007 and had received tutoring and computer classes at PRC, later becoming a volunteer.  Kumba began taking English classes – she had never learned to read or write, even in her native language.  She also began art classes which have helped her address the aftermath of such violence from her past.  She received a refurbished computer and she regularly receives food from the pantry.

Kumba has achieved a major goal.  On March 5th, 2015, after years of studying English, Kumba passed her citizenship interview and will attend an oath ceremony to become a naturalized citizen. Through PRC, her entire life has been set onto a new path.